Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Without consulting an encyclopedia or an almanac, how quickly can you answer the following questions:

  1. What team won the Superbowl in each of the last three seasons?
  2. Who was the batter with the highest hitting percentage during last year’s baseball season?
  3. Can you name the people who won the Oscar for best actor and best actress last year?
  4. Can you name three people who won the Pulitzer prize last year?
  5. Can you name five people who won a Nobel Prize – ever?

Think about the answers to the above questions. In each case, we’ve asked you to identify individuals who society universally acknowledges to have been leaders in their field – the best of the best. Yet, for all their achievements, most of us cannot even remember their names. Why? Because their accomplishments only remotely impact our lives. Rather than becoming ingrained within us, they have become mere trivia.

Before you can discover the essence of your life, you must first embrace the true definition of success. We’ll explore this in the next chapter.