How You and Your Family Can Live a Happy, Fulfilling and Rewarding Life

While this book does address the demotivators, it must first help you firmly establish the vision of your Lifetime Dream. Its proprietary 5-step Lifetime Dream ProcessSM begins the most exciting and most satisfying journey of your life. The Lifetime Dream ProcessSM applies techniques first used successfully by Socrates and improved by Aristotle. The Lifetime Dream ProcessSM contains the critical elements exploited by the most successful copywriters – those experts who, with consistency and accuracy, can best target the needs and wants of all different kinds of people.

Initially developed by a Yale undergraduate to productively manage a broad array of academic and extracurricular activities and formally documented following the 1987 stock market crash, the Lifetime Dream ProcessSM has been effectively used and refined through years of actual practice. The Lifetime Dream ProcessSM is easy-to-understand. In plain language and with fun parlor games, it quickly locates your most pressing needs, your deepest desires and your ultimate dreams. In less time than it takes to go to the movie theater or a sporting event, you’ll not only have identified your Lifetime Dream, but you will have designed a clear plan to attain it. Once the plan is created, you don’t need to maintain it – it maintains itself! You only need to periodically update it.

The Lifetime Dream ProcessSM also ensures you correctly integrate any investment plans into your life plans. It helps you avoid an all too common mistake. Too many people leap before they look – they pick an investment objective before they completely outline their Lifetime Dream. Unfortunately, the investment industry inadvertently encourages this error as too many firms merely manage money. As a comprehensive process, the Lifetime Dream ProcessSM prevents you from chasing the stock market and focuses your attention on chasing your dreams.

That is why it would be very much to your advantage to accept this opportunity at once. We ask you to immediately read this book. Just a few hours start you on the journey to achieving your Lifetime Dream!

Not many people get the chance to achieve their Lifetime Dream. Fewer still actually accomplish the feat. One thing we know for sure, anyone who fails to design a roadmap to their Lifetime Dream never has the chance to realize the triumph. Before time passes you by, act now and give yourself that chance – the chance of a lifetime!