Mea Culpa


Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt

I’m sorry. It is with great embarrassment and much regret that I admit I’ve been holding out on you. Had I been a better person, I would have shared these secrets with you more than a decade ago. By then the process was fully refined and in proven working order.

I could have, but I didn’t. And for that, please accept my most sincerest of apologies.

Instead of writing this book as the new millennium dawned, I selfishly kept the secret to myself, sharing it only with a few close friends and my family, some business associates and a handful of people I wanted to impress. Many of these folks embraced the process immediately, and are living happier, more productive lives because of it. (For a hint on how the Lifetime Dream Process helped me, click here.) Those that didn’t… well, they’ve condemned themselves to making the same mistakes that crowd our everyday headlines.

You see, this process doesn’t appeal to everyone. It’s not like so many quick rich schemes that bombard our everyday life in the guise of late night infomercials, e-mail spams and internet scams. That said, I will agree it’s fair to say those that have used the process have profited, a few very handsomely. I knew they would. I knew the process was that good. I also knew it had a power beyond my ability to control.

Not that that scared me. But, unlike most of my inventions and ideas, this process was the one thing no one else had. I hadn’t given the secret to anyone, even those I shared the process with. I kept if for myself. All the while, I told all I met my goal was to help everyone achieve their lifetime dream.

It was a lie. The truth was the only people I wanted to help were people I knew and trusted. For the rest of the world, they could wallow in the stormy seas of economic volatility, crashing with the masses as a succeeding series of turbulent tsunamis ravaged their life savings. Worse, I stood silent as the personal philosophy of the great unwashed, built upon the lowland of bandwagon banality and consumerism, knelt at the altar of lowest common denominator as ordained by the mainstream media. Like libertine lemmings, the Epicurean promise drove them to running amok in the rye. For too many, it drove them right on through and over the cliff.

Looking back, guilt consumes me.

I should have tried harder. I could have caught at least a few of those souls.

But I didn’t and, instead, they were consigned to live a lost decade, while I, my friends, my family and a few business associates lived out our own individual lifetime dreams.

I cannot repeat how sorry I am. I only hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

And now, without fanfare but also without further ado, I (finally) share with you the Lifetime Dream Process. It’s a method that, if you take it seriously, will reveal the ultimate meaning of your life and allow you to achieve that which lies closest to your heart.

Good luck and God be with you.

Christopher Carosa

July 15, 2010

P.S.: I can say, without any doubt, my sharing this would have remained on the back burner of my life if one of my good friends didn’t kick me in the back of the pants and say, “Chris, you’ve been talking about writing this book for ten years. Instead of just trying to help other people achieve their lifetime dream, why don’t you go out and achieve yours!?”